Custom Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolts To Your Custom Needs

Please contact us for quotes on special lengths, coatings and materials for your anchor bolt needs.

Roll over or tap image for dimensional requirements. As there is often considerable misunderstanding when specifying the dimensions of bent bolts, it is recommended that dimensions be given in the order indicated.

Hook Bolts

Type 1 – Hook Bolt – Special

Type 3 – Hook Bolt – Square Bend

Type 5 – Hook Bolt – J Bolt

Type 2 – Hook Bolt – Right Angle Bend

Type 4 – Hook Bolt – Round Bend

U Bolts

Type 6 – U Bolt – Square Bend

Type 7 – U Bolt – Round Bend

Eye Bolts

Type 8 – Eye Bolt – Closed

Type 9 – Eye Bolt – Open

Threaded Rods

Type 10 – End Threaded Steel Rods


Wilson Anchor Bolt Sleeves